Building WiFi Solutions

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Your Network is Your Connection to the World

In the global, digital world that we live in, no business can succeed without a strong network. No matter what type of business
you run or facility you manage, employees, customers and guests expect to have internet access anywhere and everywhere. Today with so many locations offering powerful networking options that enable and empower staff and visitors to access
tools and resources to stay productive, informed and connected, you are lagging behind without offering a powerful network.

WiFi Solutions

Your Business Cannot Compete Without a Strong WiFi Network

It is no longer good enough just to offer a basic WiFi option, you need to offer your staff, clients, customers or visitors a strong
and secure WiFI network connection just to keep up. According to Neilsen, 68% of all internet traffic in 2017 will come from
WiFi devices – and you can surely expect that number to grow every year. Your staff relies on WiFi devices more than ever to
stay productive and connected anywhere in the office. 

WiFi Solutions

What to Consider when Building a Network

WiFi Solutions

WiFi is Critical for Hotels, Schools and Offices

Captive Portal

Captive Portal

Unique Security Certificate

SSL cert

Random Default Password

random password

Anti-Hacking Security

Connection permissions



Virtual Private Network


Client Bridge

client bridge

Connection Permissions

anti hijack password
WiFi Solutions
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