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Choosing the correct VoIP IP PABX or Cloud PABX system for your business is a huge undertaking, especially for a small business with limited budget and resources. There are certainly a handful of things you should consider to get your business the best VoIP phone system. Small business phone systems generally come in 2 types: traditional landline systems and VoIP-enabled phone systems. VoIP-enabled phone systems can be further divided into two types according to the deployment method – on-premises VoIP Phone systems and Hosted VoIP PBXs (Cloud Phone Systems).Every phone system consists of 3 main parts. (1)Hardware (2) Lines and (3) Cost of calls.It is absolutely essential when using IP telephony to ensure your solution comes with full support both onsite and offsite for at least 3 to 5 years.Eliminate your risk with our correct solution guarantee.Speak to one of our experts today.

*Click on the image above to read and download a copy of a business owners guide to VoIP.Work with Telecom Solutions and get the best system for your business needs

VoIP Telephone System Pricing guide

*Example below shows a 10 extension price comparison

Bring your own

Buy or use compatible VoIP handsets
R 79
per user monthly
  • No Contract
  • Full featured PBX
  • PABX as a service
  • 10 extensions R799,99p/m
  • *Use existing phones
1st choice

Subscription Service

Low Deposit No Interest No Escalation Rental
R 110
per user monthly
  • No price increase for 5 years
  • 24/7 support No call outs
  • Includes all handsets
  • 10 extensions R1299,00 p/m
  • Tax deductable
2nd choice

Finance Option

No Deposit Lease Option With Finance House
R 120
from per user /month
  • 24 . 36 . 48 or 60 mths
  • Tax deductible
  • 0% Escalation
  • 10 extensions R1499,00 p/m
  • *Choice of ownership
3rd Choice

Out Right Purchase

Once off cash purchase for hardware only
R 24 000
10 extension system
  • Installation fees apply
  • Purchase support
  • Pay for upgrades
  • 10 extensions Pbx & Phones
  • Outdated Payment model
4th choice

Business Phone Systems - What Is The Best Business VoIP Phone System?

Onsite, Managed or Self-managed


This Solution is Best for

Cloud, Hosted or Onsite


This Solution is Best for

Microsoft Phone System

Microsoft Phone System

This Solution is Best for

Your Line Rental Options - Which is Best for your business voip?

*Example for copper lines below shows the cost for 10 lines. Each line rental is R269.00 ex vat

Analogue Copper Lines

Currently being phased out
R 2690
R269 ex vat per Line
  • Cable Theft
  • High rental cost per line
  • Repairs can take up to 4 weeks
  • Complete Discontinuation by 2024
  • Long wait time in call center queues

Sip Trunks LTE

Voice over dedicated Lte
R 599
for up to 20 lines
  • Voice only
  • Up to 20 lines
  • Every user gets a line
  • Never get a busy tone
  • No Contract switch to fiber when avaialble

Sip Trunks Converged

Voice and Internet service over fiber
R R1599
Phone lines & Internet combined
  • 100Mbps Fiber
  • A phone line for each user
  • Perfect for 15 to 20 users with O365
  • 200Mbps also available at R1999,00
  • Great for 20 -30 user offices using O365
Best Value

Sip Trunks Fiber

Use your existing fiber service
R 350
Add phone lines to existing fiber
  • Low cost
  • *From 5 to 15 lines
  • No contract on lines
  • Very widely used option
  • Get a direct dial number for users
low cost

Your VoIP Calling Plan Packages

Per Second Billing

Benefit from low prepaid calling rates billed per second with no excessive peak time rate charges.True per second billing. 80c per minute to all mobile networks and 29c per minute to all fixed lines.Save between 20 to 40%.

Unlimited Calling Plan

Our unlimited calling plans start from R899,00 per user per month.This service cannot be used for an outbound call center and a fup is applicable.You can choose up to 5 frequently dialed international numbers with this plan.

Committed Monthly Spend

When you commit to a minimum monthly spend of R5000,00 p/m.You get the lowest rates to any network.Mobile rates can be as low as 40c per minute and up to 120 minutes of free international calls.All calls are true per second billing

Be-aware Of the Hidden costs most providers do not disclose

If your Business is In Need Of A New Phone System, These are Some Important Questions To Ask When comparing quotes.

Get Total Assurance with Telecoms Solutions "CSG" Correct Solutions Guarantee

Choosing the wrong Business Phone system can be a costly mistake.Telecom Solutions offers you our unique selling point that sets us apart from our competitors. Your business will get the best VoIP solution to meet the needs of your business at an affordable price backed by professional 24/7 support when you need it. No Price increase for 5 years and no interest options.If we get it wrong any upgrades or changes is on us.


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