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TS -UCX Managed PBX

What is a Managed PBX and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

A Managed PBX is a phone system managed by Telecom Solutions (TS) that offers several advantages over a Cloud PBX. With a Cloud PBX, you pay for each user, which can become expensive for larger organizations with over 15 users.

TS’s Managed PBX is priced per system, providing cost savings for organizations with more than 20 users. You receive the same benefits of full management and support as with a cloud solution, along with additional features like free call recording and full call center capabilities at no extra cost.

With TS’s Managed PBX, you only need to purchase phones if you require them; otherwise, you can use free apps on your computers or mobile devices. This solution is ideal for schools, hotels, hospitals, manufacturing companies, call centers, and larger organizations.

30 Extension user PABX
50 User Pabx
80 Extenions user Phone system
100 Extension PABX
Grandstream Bluethooth Headset

Consider Ditching the Deskphone: The Advantages of Embracing Headsets in the Modern Office

In today’s offices, headsets are increasingly common across various industries. They were once mainly used in call centers and telemarketing offices but are now found in professional settings and small to medium-sized businesses. This shift is driven by the proven benefits of using headsets during phone calls, which can improve productivity by up to 40% by freeing up your second hand.

More offices are moving away from traditional desk phones and embracing wired or wireless headsets. These headsets offer employees more freedom, increased productivity, and improved focus, especially for tasks that require extensive phone use. Could making the switch to headsets benefit your office?

The trend towards headsets is not just a passing fad. Offices are increasingly opting for headsets over desk phones as they recognize the tangible benefits. When investing in a new phone system solution, ensure it offers the option to use softphones and mobile apps. This flexibility allows employees to seamlessly transition to using headsets, saving the company significant amounts in hardware investments while enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Grandstream Wave App

Transitioning from Hardware Desk Phones to Modern Softphone Solutions

Hardware desk phones are fast disappearing from user desks, as our UXX managed PBX solution supports Android & iOS devices, Chrome and Firefox browsers, and Windows & Mac computers. These apps are provided totally free, easy to use, and set up. By utilizing apps, a company not only prepares its workforce for the future but also significantly reduces the cost of installing a new phone system by over 80%. It is now possible for a 100-user PBX solution to cost less than R8000.00 once-off, fully installed.

Discover How TS Can Save Your New PABX Phone System Project Tens of Thousands
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School Paging and Intercom

Integrate Access Control, Intercom, and Paging with Your PABX for Seamless Operation

Our PABX solution offers a cost-effective way to implement access control, intercom, and paging systems. Say goodbye to outdated closed systems and enjoy the benefits of a fully integrated solution.

With our PABX, you can easily integrate overhead music for hotels and retail outlets, monitor CCTV from the control station, and receive alarm output alerts. Panic buttons for various areas of your buildings can also be implemented.

Ideal for office buildings, enterprises, schools, healthcare facilities, retail centers, residential settings, and warehouses, our solution makes it easy to track and manage access to any physical building.

TS Technical is available to design and help you get the most out of your phone system. Contact us today to learn more!

Experience Total Mobility with WiFi Calling

Wireless Networks are the future, and calling over WiFi offers a reliable, cost-effective solution for businesses. WiFi calling over the local network, via the onsite PABX, provides seamless connectivity, even in areas with poor cellular reception, ensuring uninterrupted communication. It also allows for flexibility and mobility within the office environment, enabling employees to stay connected while on the move. Additionally, WiFi calling can significantly reduce costs associated with traditional phone lines, making it a smart choice for businesses looking to optimize their communication infrastructure.

Successful WiFi voice requires that the WiFi network be set up for voice professionally; poorly designed WiFi solutions will not offer a good experience. TS can assist in all aspects of WiFi network installation for voice, ensuring a reliable and high-quality communication experience

TS -UCX Managed PBX
TS -UCX Managed PBX

Enhance Office Mobility with DECT Cordless Phones

Cordless Phones, Not to Be Confused with WiFi Phones, Utilize DECT Technology for Crystal-Clear Voice

Up to 10 handsets can be paired with a single base station, and coverage can be extended for larger areas. Cordless phones have always offered users mobility in the office, making them the ideal choice for users who require mobility. It is possible to have all cordless phones with a PABX, significantly reducing the cost of cabling. Speak to TS and let us design and install the best-suited solution for your business needs

TS -UCX Managed PBX

Multibranch Phone System Setup Made Easy

A multibranch setup allows a business owner to interconnect all branches locally, nationally, or internationally. With advanced call routing and numerous options to suit your business needs, you can direct all calls to a national sales center or support calls to a specific region—the options are endless.

Additionally, a multibranch setup can also function as a failover in the event a specific site is offline. This type of setup previously was extremely costly, prohibiting most growing businesses from adopting this network architecture.

The most amazing benefit is that there is no additional cost for this to be set up. There are some requirements like the need to have a static IP, but our technical team is ready to work with you or your IT department to ensure a smooth implementation.

Comprehensive PABX Features, Including Full Call Center Functionality, at No Extra Cost

Self-Managed Outright Purchase and Self-Installation options are Available

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