Why Not Add Some Cheese To Your VoIP Solution


For only R29,99 More You Get 100% Meat

Would You Like Some Cheese With Your Order

Often when you order something like a burger the sales staff are trained to up-sell; they offer you everything and anything. Would you like extra sauce, with like some cheese. Sometimes they catch you by surprise and you instinctively say yes. Without thinking about the few thousand unneeded extra calories that you really don’t need.I mean really,why with a beef burger not be 100% Beef .

What has this got to do with VoIP or a Business phone systemIt’s got a lot in common with the purchase or upgrade of your next IP PABXYou see in any industry sales staff are trained to up-sell its marketing at its best. You have the customer right in front of you use the opportunity to sell more up-sell it’s a salesperson dream. 

Why is this so wrong for technology VoIP, PABX, Servers really any IT service or product. A business owner needs to very aware of up-selling and avoid any salesperson who tries to up-sell technology. 

Think about this, solutions are based on the needs of a client. Every solution must meet the need of the client and factor in some growth for a minimum 5 years. This is not up-selling this is part of technical planning. A solution is put together to meet that need it must simply work and work well. Often a client will not really know his exact needs and out of fear of  buying an incorrect item will  fall prey to unnecessary up-selling. There is no room in technology for this  marketing practice a well designed solution will not need any reason to up-sell.  You need a 20 user PABX for your small business why must you be forced to purchase a slightly larger model to factor in some growth or features you may need . A well design system will have all of this built in by default. If you have received a quote, are unsure or have doubts on pricing and the licensing model contact TS. TS will provide you with total assurance and no up-selling. We promise to supply you with a business VoIP phone system with unbeatable value. A system that will meet your needs now and for a minimum of 5 years with no up-selling at all .It’s that simple if  your needs  requires a specific type of product it must be included to make sure it all works like you need it to . 

Get in touch with Telecom Solutions for total peace of mind, that your business will have the correct phone system. If we get it wrong, we will upgrade your system at our cost. We guarantee our solution will meet your needs now and for the next 5 years. NO Up-selling is allowed at TS every solution is reviewed by a technically skilled expert to ensure its suitability for the client. Why get a bloated and heavy system that breaks the bank when you can have a lean and mean fully beefed up telephone system and never have to break a sweat.


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