What is a Cloud PBX ?

TS Cloud PBX

The main server that was once mounted on a wall in your office is now simply set up in the datacenter. Well depending on who your provider is it could very well be in someone’s basement or garage. Telecom Solutions Cloud Pabx infrastructure is located in Africa’s leading data centre Teraco. The phones installed at your office communicate to this server via the Internet whereas previously you had a cable from each phone that connected directly to the PABX. You will rent each extension based on the number of users you with like to have an extension. The system can grow with your business and prevent the need for any upgrades in the future. You do not have to finance an expensive PABX server only to have to replace it in 5 years. You do still have to purchase Ip phones and in some cases additional networking equipment.

When to Avoid a Cloud PBX

  • Poor Internet No fiber, Poor LTE or only ADSL is available
  • If you have more than 12 users * read calculating costs below
  • You plan to share your data and phone infrastructure without Vlans or a single INTERNET connection that is not fiber.
  • Your Cloud PBX provider cannot provide support for your INTERNET                                                    

When to Choose A Cloud PBX

  • You have a franchise business with a number of stores spread across different locations
  • You have less than 10 users
  • Your Cloud PABX provider is also providing a dedicated INTERNET for the phones which they will monitor and support. 
  • You starting a new business and would like to minimise your initial investment 

Cloud PBX Calculating Costs

A Cloud PABX makes a great business phone system. Below we have listed some cost considerations that are often not mentioned by Cloud PBX companies. It does not matter which provider you use these costs are either bundled in the total price or will be an additional cost.

Number Of Users

Consider the costs when you have over 15 users/extensions. As an example, you have 50 users x R85,00 per month total monthly cost is R4250,00. A better choice with be Telecom Solutions UC50 for R2499,00 per month for up to 50 users.

Open Sip IP Phones

All Cloud PBX phone systems must have IP handsets. These handsets cannot be proprietary they have to be open Sip Ip phones. If you do not have IP phones they will need to be purchased in cash or financed. This cost is often overlooked.

Phone Line Rentals

Like traditional phone systems, a cloud phone system needs phone lines. These lines are often referred to as voice channels and require a very stable Internet connection.Ask about the cost of the data and if this is included in the pricing

Network Cabling

IP phones require cat5 or higher network cabling old telephone cables will not work. You also require a POE switch and your network set up correctly optimized for VoIP.Cabling Cost can be in the region of R500,00 to R800,00 per point.

Essential Basic Items You Will Need For A Business Cloud PBX

Step 1

Choose the number of users. With a Cloud Pbx, you only pay for the number of extensions you need. There is no need to buy expensive hardware PABX server or worry about upgrades and maintenance

Cloud PBX -WP

R80.00 per extension Billed monthly

Step 2

Purchase  the reception handset. Yealink T27 is perfect with 21  extension BLF keys it is a cost effective phone providing  excellent quality and functionality with busy lamp fields

YealinkT27 - WP

R1625.00 Ex Vat Once-off cost

Step 3

Purchase  office admin desk phones. The Yealink T21p is a 2 line VoIP phone with proven reliability. Easy to use with all the call handling features required by admin staff.

YealinkT21 -WP

R825.00 Ex Vat Once-off cost

Step 4

Purchase  office admin desk phones. The Yealink T21p is a 2 line VoIP phone with proven reliability. Easy to use with all the call handling features required by admin staff.

YealinkW53P -WP

R1825.00 Ex Vat Once-off cost

Optional Items That May Be Required

Depending on your existing infrastructure and equipment. You may require additional equipment. It is better to budget for these items and not need them than to be surprised. Often Cloud PBX quotations will not include these items. Our online platform helps the business owner with transparent pricing with no hard-selling sales agents. But we are always available to assist you with your order 24/7 365 simply get in touch today

  • HuaweiB525 - WP
    Optional Extras

    Huawei B525 VoIP Router

    R1,899.00 R2,183.85,Vat Inclusive Add to cart

    Huawei B525 router was launched in 2017.
    It is one of the best 4G LTE gateways in reception and reliability

  • Yealink Headset -WP
    Optional Extras

    Headset IP Phone

    R459.00 R527.85,Vat Inclusive Add to cart

    Yealink YHS33
    is an ideal solution for users who require hands-free calling for extended periods of time.

  • Network Cable- WP
    Optional Extras

    Network Cable Point

    R500.00 R575.00,Vat Inclusive Add to cart

    Network Cable Cat 5E Solid copper(Not CCA copper-coated aluminium). Premium EIA/TIA Verified UTP cable

  • 16 Port Poe Switch -WP
    Optional Extras

    Poe Switch 16 Port

    R2,095.00 R2,409.25,Vat Inclusive Add to cart

    16 Port Poe Switch 10 /100 with 2 uplink ports. Use this switch when you have 9 to a maximum of 16 VoIP phones

  • 8 Port Poe Switch -WP
    Optional Extras

    Poe Switch 8 Port

    R825.00 R948.75,Vat Inclusive Add to cart

    8 Port Poe Switch 10 /100 with 2 uplink ports. Use this switch when you have a maximum of 8 VoIP phones

  • YealiknW53h-WP
    Optional Extras

    Cordless VoIP Handset

    R1,050.00 R1,207.50,Vat Inclusive Add to cart

    Yealink W53H Cordless Dect handset to be paired with W60 base station.8 handsets per base station and 8 concurrent calls.