Poe Switch 16 Port

R2,095.00 R2,409.25,Vat Inclusive

16 Port Poe Switch 10 /100 with 2 uplink ports. Use this switch when you have 9 to a maximum of 16 VoIP phones


Poe switch 16 port SPS-16F2GS is an unmanaged 16 port 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet PoE switch with 2x Gigabit Ethernet and 1x SFP Combo Uplink ports. Each of these PoE ports are 802.3af/at compliant which enables them to auto-detect and identify whether the connected device is compatible and requires power. The total PoE budget is 150W and up to a maximum of 30W per port.

The SPS-16F2GS supports 4 working modes:
AI Extend: PoE transmission distance of ports 1-8 can be increased to up to 250 meters at 10Mbps using Cat6 solid copper cable.
AI VLAN: Enables Port Isolation on Ports 1-16.
AI QOS: Prioritizes network bandwidth based on network usage history and analytics.
AI PoE: Automatically restarts a PoE powered device if no data passes through the port for a set time.


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