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No equipment. No landlines. No nonsense

Work from home remote solution

R80,00 per extension per month

PBX features

Moving to a VoIP Cloud PBX is a smart choice for any business. Gain all the features of a business phone system at a fraction of a traditional PABX cost. A quality VoIP installation is reliable and offers better quality and support than traditional copper lines which are now being discontinued. Telecoms Solutions has provided, VoIP only solutions to our business clients since 2012 saving them thousands in phone line rentals, support and call costs. Switch from your current VoIP service provider to TS and pay ”NO” installation or set up fees. Pay only for the number of extensions you use, increase or decrease when required. Easily allow work from home users.

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Cloud Pbx Use existing compatible Hardware

YealinkT27 - WP


Items you may need

Need a more specialized solution

Go Ahead Work From Any Device

Cloud PBX Offer

Desktop Windows App
Use a softphone on your Windows or Mac 

Cloud PBX Offer

Mobile App
Use a softphone app on your mobile phone.

Cloud PBX Offer

IP Desk phone
Use a conventional IP desk phone

Call rates and Line rentals

Call Rates

Prepaid calling rates
Prepaid Top up account
  • Mobile Mtn 0.69c
  • Mobile Cell C 0.69c
  • Mobile Telkom 0.69c
  • Mobile Vodacom 0.69c
  • Interbranch - 0.00c
  • Fixed lines Local 0.29c
  • Fixed lines National 0.29c

Line Rental

Voice channel virtual lines
No Charge Monthly
  • 1x DID number
  • 2 x Voice channels
  • No router provided
  • No support on lines
  • No Internet for Lines
  • Fiber is recommended
  • No call quality control

Line Rental

Voice channel virtual lines
R 349,00 Monthly
  • 5x DID number
  • 5 x Voice channels
  • Router provided
  • Internet Dedicated for Voice
  • Call quality controlled
  • End to end Support
  • Once off Install R699,00

Line Rental

Voice channel virtual lines
R 599,00 Monthly
  • 15x DID number
  • 15 x Voice channels
  • Router provided
  • Internet Dedicated for Voice
  • Call quality controlled
  • End to end Support
  • Includes installation & setup

Advantages of VoIP technology

  • Reduced line rental costs
  • Reduced call costs – reducing your monthly bills
  • Built-in voicemail
  • Voicemail to email – meaning you can receive your messages wherever you are
  • Make and receive calls wherever you are
  • Reduce multi-site costs by having extensions in multiple locations
  • Free calls between employees
  • Economical international calls

Embrace VoIP technology

VoIP phone systems have become a business necessity and in recent years, more South African companies have become reliant on VoIP as their primary communication method. Telecom Solutions has been a reliable South African VoIP provider since 2012 for business’s located in Durban and Johannesburg implementing VoIP.
VoIP is here to stay and will shape how businesses, employees and clients communicate with each other for many years to come. Why not embrace the benefits of VoIP technology and enjoy a more reliable, affordable, and faster method of communication? If your company is looking for a reliable VoIP provider in Johannesburg, Durban or anywhere else in South Africa call today to find out more about our VoIP Service and VoIP business phone systems.


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